GSA Contracting Officer was quoted as saying:
"ABC is highly regarded and still is highly regarded as one of the top MATOC contract performer."

Mae Smith, GSA Quality of work - "Always willing to help us come up with solutions."

Personnel: "Very knowledgable/subcontractors also."
Subcontractor Management: "Always held subcontractors accountable."
Customer Satisfaction: "Worked hard with us (GSA) & a very tough client."
Would you select/use the firm again: "Yes, very good company & always backed their work"

Craig Higgiins,Senior Construction Project Engineer, Federal Aviation Administration

“ABC has exceeded our expectations regarding contract management and quality. There have been several user requests and design deficiencies which could have both impacted the construction schedule and quality. However, ABC used their excellent skills to address these issues without impacts to the schedule or contract cost. I rate this contractor as the best I have worked with over my 30 years in government service”

Gerry Takasumi, General Services Administration, Contracting Officer

"ABC worked hard maintaining schedule on this critical project and maintained great quality by providing the GSA, tenants and the public with a first class cafeteria. I consider ABC an excellent construction company that listens and understands the parameters and constraints of a critical project with over 2,200 tenants plus the public”

Greg Hranac, United States Fish and Wildlife Service

“excellent – everything you would like to see – positive can do attitude, strong problem solver and a good communicator”. ABC key personnel were “knowledgeable skilled individuals”. ABC displayed “outstanding customer service and response”. Overall rating “Excellent to work with”. “Strong direct positive communication and strong constant cost control”.

Jim Wescott, The Puyallup Tribe of Indians, Construction Manager

“Professionalism was the key to their approach. Safety was a paramount consideration. Schedules were implemented and adhered to. Adherence to our Tribal TERO Laws was made a priority and enforced. Quality of the work was important and the experienced staff/supervision of ABC produced an excellent product in our newly created offices. We will not hesitate to bring ABC to the table for future projects and highly recommend their company to others in need of honest, professional workmanship.

Willie Hirano, General Services Administration, Contracting Officer

“It has been a pleasure to have a contractor who gets the job done correctly without having to continually monitor them. It just makes the job easier for everyone”.

Legena Briest, Lietantent United States Navy

“It was apparent that during the course of this project that ABC established and maintained safety and quality workmanship as high priorities. Their enthusiastic, cooperative attitude and responsiveness to the customer needs resulted in a high quality project that was completed within budget and on time”